During the examination of the car, the customer can raise certain issues that interest him, so that the experts in the evaluation can place the correct accents. Moreover, an expert can be asked to make a comparison not with new machines (for example, when determining the level of damage), but with maintained ones that are approximately in the same condition. A well-thought-out problem statement from, for example, an insurance company can significantly reduce payments based on their research. In this case, the car owner should conduct an independent examination.

What is an independent examination of Chelyabinsk? This is an assessment of the real incident that happened with the car, which is carried out on a general basis. In the course of such an assessment, the expert will not deliberately overestimate the amount of damage, but the car owner may be calm that there will not be an understatement. Usually, owners of cars that have suffered as a result of an accident and have not received insurance payments from the company-insurer resort to an independent expert appraisal.

The results of the independent automotive expertise are needed in court if the owner of the car decided to sue the insurance company acting in bad faith in the insurance market.

Car insurance and car service. Line graph with stack of coins and toy car, business and financial concept.


When should an independent examination of the car? First of all, if you feel the danger of a biased assessment. In case of any doubts that the expert service, providing information upon request of the insurance company or the Ministry of Internal Affairs, can give a biased assessment, it is better to immediately contact independent experts. If the car is sent for examination on behalf of the insurance company, then you should definitely conduct an independent response in order to protect yourself. Insurers, as a rule, immediately after the presentation of the results of an independent examination pay compensation to the victim, without waiting for the court.

To conduct an independent examination of the car, it is necessary to provide a package of documents, including a document certifying the driver’s identity, documents confirming the vehicle ownership, certificates from the traffic police (if an accident occurred), invoices for payment of services (if the car owner is not satisfied with the repair).

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