A car, for most of us, is not a luxury, but a means of transportation. But this does not at all make it less valuable, rather, on the contrary, as with the loss of a car, mobility will also be lost, without which it will not be possible to do all the tasks that are planned for each day. Therefore, it is extremely important to think about how to make sure that the car was constantly with you and did not let you down at the most crucial moment, and if this happened, then the restoration of the previous functions took place as quickly as possible. This is exactly what the car insurance system KASKO is created for. Naturally, such insurance will cost you much more than CTP, but it also has much more advantages. In order to better imagine how exactly and in what amount insurance premiums will be paid,

Auto insurance CASCO also contains a number of nuances, ignorance of which can make it difficult for a simple man in the street to get acquainted with the conditions of insurance. For example, not all of us understand what the clause means – “deductible”, which many calculators have for such calculations. Now we will try to explain this to you in as simple and understandable language as possible. So, the deductible represents the failure to pay a certain part of the total insurance amount stipulated by the terms of your contract. Typically, this same amount is only 1 percent of the maximum amount of money you can receive in the event of an insured event. For example, if the amount specified in your contract is 300 thousand rubles, then, as part of the franchise, this amount will be 3 thousand.


Of course, many of you will say that this amount is very small, but you will agree, very often, the damage in many accidents is very, very insignificant to trigger the entire payment mechanism. There is very little sense in this, since the damage will simply be incommensurable with the legwork that the owner will be entitled to receive payment. In addition, the implementation of auto insurance CASCO using the franchise is also cheaper. Indeed, since the company will reduce the price of the insurance policy, which means that it will become much cheaper for the end user, that is, you and me. So, according to estimates, a 1 percent franchise gives an average 10 percent reduction in the cost of the policy, which you will agree is not very, very bad, so the benefits from this procedure are simply enormous.

The franchise itself is never imposed by companies, and whether to accept it or not is up to us. By itself, a franchise is conditional and unconditional. First, it allows us not to receive payment if the loss of an insured event is completely insignificant, that is, it is completely within that one percent. But, if the damage exceeds this very percentage, then we receive payment in full, depending on the magnitude of the damage. As part of the unconditional franchise, we will always receive payments minus the 1 percent that is held by the company – the insured.

By itself, the franchise has gained immense popularity in many countries of the world, very, very long time ago, but our drivers are only now beginning to see all the benefits from its use, and there is no doubt that in the very near future, it will become more and more and more popular. Especially it will be useful to those who carefully and carefully drives a car and does not get into an emergency.

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