On the “high cost” of auto insurance in the US

I often hear about the high cost of insurance in the west, as an argument why it is better to live in Russia. And I decided to make a small comparison. So today I received a bill for my car insurance in the city of Miami (not the cheapest place to insure cars). For 2 cars I pay $ 853 for 6 months. It includes:

1. CTP + DOSAGO, without restrictions on drivers, and considering that there were insurance claims for the last 3 years. The limits of liability are $ 100,000 for damage to property, $ 250,000 for damage to the health of one victim, and up to $ 500,000 for damage to the health of several victims.2. CASCO – from hijacking and damage with a deductible of $ 500 for one car and $ 1,000. Again, the restrictions on the drivers, and in the USA I can give the car to anyone.3. Insurance of your life and health in case of an accident with an uninsured driver (I don’t know if there is an equivalent in Russia).4. Payment for renting a car for up to 30 days in the event of an accident is my fault (if the other driver’s fault, then the insurance company pays for renting a car during the repair).
Then all this is given a 20% discount for paying for all 6 months at once, instead of paying monthly. This makes the cost of $ 853 for half a year, or $ 1706 for a year. I have already written about the “difficulties” of knocking out money from American insurance .

Now compare with prices in Russia on the site Sravni.ru. Insurance for one car (Audi A4) with two drivers, with the worst conditions costs from 89t. rubles up to 166t. rubles. This is $ 1,630 per year in a Tinkoff company with questionable solvency and poor reviews, or $ 3,000 per year in another company. It’s for one car, Karl! 

But maybe this is the case in the region (Moscow was by default). I chose to compare also Krasnodar. There prices were from 90t. rubles to 479t. rubles per year. 479 thousand, Karl! For one car, Karl! 

Maybe in St. Petersburg, people are more cultured, and cars are not stolen? There also stands from 91t. rubles up to 362t. rubles per year. For one car, Karl! For one!

So what is this low cost life in Russia? The ability to drive with a minimum OSAGO, and the risk of losing everything in case of an accident? So in other countries, too, it is not prohibited.

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