CTP, is becoming a popular type of insurance, among more and more car enthusiasts. Its structure and all aspects are extremely simple and transparent, but, nevertheless, sometimes there are controversial situations, mainly due to the fact that a person does not carefully read the terms of the contract, or interprets these conditions incorrectly. For example, many of us are interested in whether auto insurance MTPL insurance can reimburse the insurer in the event that the latter, on a voluntary basis, indemnified the damage to the injured party.

Of course, the legislative base of our country and you, fully describes all such situations, and if you carefully read the code, you can make sure of this. In the event that you personally indemnified the damage to the injured party, then, naturally, you have the full right to indemnify all losses, at the expense of the insurance policy, and therefore, all your claims to the insurance company will be completely justified. Naturally, in order to receive reimbursement of your expenses from the insurance company, you will need to provide proof that an accident really had place to be. In addition, you need to provide the company with accurate data on the damage suffered by the injured party, and that it was you who paid her the full amount needed to pay for the damage.

Also, when car insurance OSAGO, there are other clauses of the contract with which you need to be very carefully acquainted, so that then there is no misunderstanding in the work of your insurer. Thus, the insurance company will not pay, in the event that the insured car, at the time of the insured event, was driven by a person who cannot do this, according to the rules of the law. For example, the insurance payment is not issued, if the person behind the wheel was someone who, due to age, was not supposed to drive a car. In addition, if during an accident, a person was sitting behind the wheel of a car who did not have a driver’s license or was deprived of them, for example, for violations, you will not receive the insurance payment either.


It is worth being as attentive as possible if, besides you, someone else is driving the vehicle by proxy. Under certain circumstances, the insurance company may, on a full basis, refuse to pay you. The thing is that at the conclusion of auto insurance CTP, you can choose the type of contract that is most convenient for you. So, if the contract provides for the absence of any restrictions on the use of the vehicle by third parties, under the current power of attorney, in the event of an accident by one of these persons, you will be entitled to all necessary payments. If, however, the restriction will be in effect, then you yourself will need to indicate all those who will drive your car by proxy. And if a person sits on the wheel who is not on this list,

All questions that arise on payments and other aspects of car insurance, as a rule, are a consequence of the fact that the person did not read the terms of the contract very carefully, therefore, we advise you not to hurry, but to study everything as much as possible.

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