Mandatory car insurance

August. It is time to pass the inspection of the car, along with obtaining a mandatory insurance policy.

With us – it’s like in the good old film “The Irony of Fate …” – Every year, on December 31, we go to the bathhouse with the guys …

Checking the trunk for the presence of a fire extinguisher and warning triangle. Check calipers, pads, tormozuhi. At the same time, change the oil with filters. Do not play if traction, all the lights are lit, and so on and so forth. All right, you can go.

 MOT station, five minutes and everything is ready. It remains to make insurance. Of course, we go to “our” insurer. We have been cooperating for more than eight years and never had any problems. And this time there were almost no problems, just the client base unexpectedly hung. Okay, we’ll come another time, there’s still time. A day later, they had no more forms, and the next day with a smile, but they clearly stated that they could try to get a policy in another company. Calling over those very other companies, it became clear that we could not see insurance … the bases were hanging, forms were on the way, and God knows what else.

Why a conscientious driver with 17 years of experience can not get this unfortunate piece of paper? Yes, because it became not a profitable client … With a high KBM discount on auto insurance increases up to 50% of its value. And he does not want to get additional insurance (life, home, cottage, cats, dog and mother-in-law).

KBM  stands for  bonus-malus coefficient  – this is one of the parameters that determine the value of the CTP policy   in Russia. From the beginning of 2013, it is impossible to issue an OSAGO policy  without requesting this coefficient based on the automated system of the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (AIS RSA).

So it turns out that we have created another madhouse on a par with many.

There is an exit, of course. You can send a written request to the insurance company in advance (who would have suggested this to me a month ago) and receive an official written response. On the basis of which you either receive your CTP insurance policy, or receive an official refusal, which is unlikely. Sending online insurance is also not an option. Because all the same bases hang, hang and continue to hang.  

PS By the way, we still got insurance. The world is not without good people and not everyone has a well-developed sense of profit. 

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