Car insurance is developed all over the world, including in Russia. We have introduced it on a mandatory basis, although the scheme has not yet been debugged, and in this direction we still have to work and work. But in this article we will not talk about the problems of insurance in our country, but turn our eyes overseas to the United States of America, and how they insure cars with them.

Auto insurance in the United States is very important for every member of society. This procedure must be completed as soon as you arrive in the country, otherwise you will not be given the opportunity to drive a car. It is noteworthy that this insurance is regulated by law, and not at the federal level, but in each state separately. That is, when concluding insurance, you should consult on this issue, as in different states, the rules may differ quite strongly. It is worth noting that insurance in the United States of America is taken very seriously, and it is an obligatory part of civil liability. In the event that a person has suffered because of your fault, then he will be compensated up to 15 thousand dollars, and up to 30 thousand if he has more victims. For a collision with a car, it is necessary to compensate $ 5,000,

Those who have not entered into an auto insurance contract in the United States and drive just like that face a rather serious punishment, but still, about 30 percent of drivers drive without it, and even more, have very little coverage, therefore, when an insured event occurs, you risk not getting any payout at all. On the territory of the United States of America, insurance is divided into two types:

– “At Fault” – the victim receives compensation due to the insurance of the person responsible for the accident.

– “No Fault” – no matter who is to blame, but the damage is reimbursed by your insurance.

All states offer either one, any other method of insurance, but some allow you to choose between this or that type. By the way, without insurance, on the territory of the country, the poorest segments of the population who live on benefits go mostly. In the event of an accident, they still have nothing to take from them, so that they don’t especially strain themselves. All the rest, it is just necessary to have insurance, as it protects them from judicial red tape, which threatens them with confiscation of some property, including part of future income. Agree that the prospect is not very pleasant, and insurance can relieve from this headache.

Anyway, insurance is a must, and not only in the United States of America, Canada, or other developed European countries. With us in Russia, with all the imperfections of the insurance system, we still need to be protected, because rarely a lesson, in terms of danger, can be compared to driving a car, and numerous terrible accidents that we see on TV are an example.

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