Unfortunately, not one car enthusiast is not insured against theft, and even the most modern and sophisticated security system can not be an absolute guarantee for the safety of the car. There are such skilled hijackers who can steal any car and from anywhere, but they work strictly by request. Although, where is the guarantee that your car will not be ordered? Of course, when a car is stolen, then very difficult times begin for any person, constant contact with the police, a ghostly hope that the iron horse will be returned, and finally – great financial costs, because some cars are not just expensive, but very, very expensive. And one of the ways to survive this time is auto insurance against theft. And modern insurance companies, fortunately, offer us this opportunity.

Those who have already insured their car in this way have become aware of the difference between the concepts – “theft” and “theft”. The fact is that these two concepts are strictly different in the Criminal Code. So, hijacking is called misappropriation of a vehicle without the purpose of theft. A theft, they call, the secret possession of another’s property, including a car. In addition, you can deprive your favorite iron horse by fraudulent, robbery, or a banal – robbery. You can see how difficult it is, but we are somehow accustomed to call it all – hijacking. Judging by what is written above, hijacking is called capturing our car not for the purpose of making any profit, but simply to use it for transportation purposes. And the theft – on the contrary, is committed for mercenary purposes. This is also used by intruders when they are caught. To make their lot easier, they say that they just wanted to go and not take the car for themselves. As a result, when the auto insurance contract hijacks, you have to list all the concepts that may lead to an insured event, that is, the loss of the car by its owner.

Of course, insurance, exclusively from theft, is not practiced, it is only included in the general car insurance, under the contract. By the way, some companies prefer not to get involved in car insurance against hijacking those expensive cars that are often featured in reports, as the most hijacked. Insurance against theft, is unprofitable for companies, due to the fact that the owners themselves very often fake theft to get insurance payments. According to statistics, such cases account for about 30 percent, which is very, very much. The insurance payment, in the case of theft or other illegal actions of third parties that led to the loss of the car, must be received by a specific person, and this is reflected in the contract. The policy itself can be issued by anyone, but the insurance payment is received by the person

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